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Artistic Statement

I believe I have always had the soul of an artist, seeing beauty in the people I've met and the places I've been.  Mostly, I love the continual learning needed in order to continually grow and create art.  Now, as a teacher of art, I am humbled by being able to assist others in their artistic efforts.  Creating a work of art is a process, not a destination, and I truly love the journey I am on through painting.


I am extremely humbled by my ability to paint.  I feel it is a God-given talent that I have not explored nearly enough in my life.  Most of my work is done in oils through which I try to capture the beauty that lies in nature.  


My subject matter is often simply my past.  Growing up in rural North Carolina, I had an abundance of experiences that I treasure to this day.  Growing up with many different kinds of animals, I learned to love and value all animals and life in general.  Mama and Daddy had ponies and horses, collies, pigs, turkeys, chickens, goats, rabbits, and cats.  Working on my aunt and uncle's tobacco farm also laid the foundation for many of my memories: old barns, cotton fields, corn fields, etc.  I feel inextricably rooted in that way of life. In my paintings, I try to "capture" those moments, many of which are now gone.  I try to bring the viewer of my work into the wonderful world I knew.  I want my audience to "feel" the peacefulness I experienced.

Spending over half my life in Florida has had its influence, too.  It is hard to live here and NOT paint beautiful skies and water.  I have always been enthralled by Florida's beautiful clouds!  Several of my paintings are mere tributes to only that sky!  

I create because I want the challenge of discovering what I am capable of achieving artistically. I want to explore different mediums, try different techniques, and continually grow as a artist.  Now, I invite you to enter my site and see what all this chatter is about!

Enjoy your visit to my website!  You can also view my work at the  ARROWHEAD ART GALLERY & STUDIOS in Old Fort, NC and the DOWNTOWN ART GALLERY in Titusville, Florida.