Classes & Workshops

I have been teaching oil painting - beginning, intermediate, advanced, and special topics - classes since June of 2017.  My classes are held in my studio in south Titusville.

Classes are held on Saturdays, with Beginners from 9 - 12; Intermediate and/or Advanced from 12:30 to 3:30 pm, all depending upon the number of students taking each class.  The classes consist of four weeks of class; three hours each week.  Cost is $100 and includes all supplies.

I started teaching because I sincerely wanted to help anyone who was curious about painting to have the opportunity to try the medium before investing money in supplies.  Students will learn from the ground up: how to read paint tubes, identify types of paint and types of brushes, when to use what brush, and how to clean them.  Students will be exposed to different types of support: canvas board, stretched canvas, canvas paper, masonite, and mixed media paper.  AND, students will learn to mix colors and PAINT!